Air Project is specialized in production of trim aspiration and industrial filtration systems.


Air Project s.r.l. is a company specialized in the design, production and installation of aspiration and filtration systems for different industrial fields including: paper mills, paper stationery manufacturers, corrugating machines, packaging, graphic arts, binderies, aluminum sheets processing.
Main services include:

  • aspiration systems for paper trimming
  • pneumatic transport, with or without air separation from the transported material, dusts filtration and final packing of the trimmings, crushed sheets of paper and similar material
  • treatment of air: dedusting and particulates removal, by means of sleeve filters, cartridges, electrostatic air filters, etc.
  • air conditioning of working environments
  • construction and installation of industrial and civil flue pipes, made of different kinds of steel

The idea which lies at the basis of Air project s.r.l in the design and study of systems is to create and optimize them with tested and certified technologies. The systems are delivered complete with detailed user and maintenance guides, installation drawings, wire diagrams, pneumatics and piping diagrams, and a spare parts list.

Our after-sales service includes:

  • training of customer staff on the system delivered (if required)
  • customer service in case of changes to the delivered system, for subsequent changes to the machinery
  • signing of ordinary maintenance contracts for the system delivered

Its strengths are:

  • a multilingual trade organization: you can write in Italian o English or in other languages, on demand
  • a technical office, equipped with leading edge hardware and software. The office works under the supervision of the production manager, who has gained more than ten years experience in a company of the field with growing responsibilities of quoting, planning, installation and testing of the systems
  • teams of fitters, with a number of people depending on the size of the system, with specific experience, operating both on the domestic and external market
  • own lifting devices to meet various yard needs
  • internal production plant, extending on an area of 1500 square meters, equipped with all the necessary technologies, including laser cutting

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