We are an italian company specialising in the design, production and installation of extraction and filtration plants for paper trimmings, dusts and oil mists.

Our trim removal systems, which are present worldwide, are designed and made for all industrial sectors, with particular focus on the paper industry.

We extract and transport paper and dust. Air is our true ally; it is an integral part of our plants and we clean it before re-introducing it into the environment, in order to better comply with green policies.

  • Extraction and transport plants for paper and plastic trimming waste
  • Granulate separation and extraction plants
  • Production waste shreeding systems
  • Industrial dust removal and mist reduction systems, which originate from various machining operations
  • Solvent extraction and reduction systems
  • Revamping of existing plants
  • Manufacture of machinery
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

We make and optimise our trimmings and dust extraction plants with type-approved and certified technologies, complete with detailed technical documentation, which includes:

  • Use and maintenance manuals,
  • Installation diagrams,
  • Wiring, pneumatic and piping diagrams,
  • List of spare parts.

20 years' experience in the manufacturing field of extraction systems for trimmings and waste produced in the paper industry.

Why choose us?

  • Workshop for internal production of all parts, machines and piping with specific equipment for the job
  • Technical department with cutting-edge technologies, 3D drawing and plant simulation in the customer's layout
  • Our plants can be found world wide and we are able to provide after-sales assistance to resolve any emergencies both via remote connections and by telephone.
  • Expert installation technicians trained and specialised in-house.
  • Turn-key plants
  • Our sales department is prepared so that they can speak with customers regarding technical problems and propose solutions already during the first meeting



Roberto Malagoli

Chief Executive Officer

I am the owner and founder of Air-Project. I have worked in the industrial paper sector for over 30 years and I deal with the technical-commercial development of my company.

Marco Malagoli

Chief Operating Officer

I am the Technical Manager of all the job orders developed. We design and realise all projects acquired with the technical department.

Our entire team

A close-knit team of 13 people. The mixture of experience and innovation is the recipe for our success.