We design, build and install oil mist extraction plants

For many years our company has been a leader in the design of centralised plants for the extraction and filtering of oil mists.

There are many precautions on which the design of this type of plant must be based; but collection near to the source is essential.

The modern machine tools are already faired in order to optimise the containment of the mists and are set-up with a flanged nozzle for connection to the extraction plants.

The older machines have no fairing and in this case it is possible to proceed in different ways on the basis of the machine features.

The safest method is always that of providing fairing for the machine. When this is not possible, the alternatives are:

  • hoods positioned above the machine with perimeter strips for containment
  • use of articulated arms and terminal hood that extract near to the tool

The polluted air is extracted and then conveyed to the manifold or main branch of the piping.